Sunrise cooler / ginger lemon drink.

Sunrise cooler / ginger lemon drink.
To be performed before sunrise.

Annette Arlander.

Duration approximately: one hour, depending on site, season and weather.

For 10-20 persons

-large glass jar.
-10-20 glasses.
-Sponge (potholders).

-3-4 lemons.
-3-4 pieces of fresh ginger.
-Small jar of honey.

Part I:

Take a plate, take a knife, take a jar.
Place them on the table.
Peel the lemons, slice the lemons, put the slices in the jar.
Peel the ginger, chop the ginger, put the chops in the jar.
Take a kettle, boil the water, pour the water in the jar.
Add honey with a spoon and stir.
Clean the table with a sponge.

Part II:

Take a ladle.
Take the glasses.
Take the jar (with potholders).
Place them in a basket.
Go to the shore.
Place the jar in the water.
(Take care the liquid level inside the jar is higher than the water's surface)
Distribute the glasses.

Say aloud:
"Stand on the shore and look at the horizon Breathe. Till the sun rises, till the drink is cool,till you are cool, calm, relaxed, cold."
Then breathe.
Pour the drink in glasses with the ladle.

Sunset cooler
To be performed before sunset.
Proceed as before.
Rather than "Till the sun rises" say "Till the sun sets"
Option: add rum.

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