A Toast for today.

A Toast for today.
Jaana Pirskanen.

The duration of the performance depends on the amount of the people in the space.

You need:
-A table.
-A cup.
-A vast bowl (transparent if possible).
-Lemons and a knife to cut it.
-Honey and a spoon.
-Cardamom and a spoon to crush it.
-Raw ginger, cut in pieces.
-Chili, cut in tiny pieces.
-Mint, cut in pieces.
- As many cups (transparent if possible) as there are people in the space.

Each person adds in their turn ingredients in to the bowl, according to the following instructions. A print of the instructions is on the table next to the bowl and the ingredients.

1) Add one cup water.
2) If you have felt disappointed today, add a lemon.
3) If someone has made you feel loved or cared for today, add a good spoonful of honey.
4) If you have cried today, add one crushed cardemom.
5) If you have made love today, add a strawberry.
6) If you have felt hatred today, add a raisin (you can add as many as you feel is adequate).
7) If you have looked at something from a new perspective, or had a new experience today, add a piece of ginger.
8) If you have felt bored today, add a bit more water.
9) If you have been worried today, add chili.
10) If you have done someone a favor today, add mint.

After everyone has added ingredients, stir the mixture and serve a cupful for everyone. Raise a toast for today!

The person organising this performance can change some of the ingredients and the emotions in the instructions to alter the recipe.

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